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“One of the interesting things I learned using Cloud Monitor is the amount of attempted logins we have from all over the world, which was eye-opening. The return on investment is huge. Most districts, ourselves included, don't have an enormous budget. What I love about Cloud Monitor is that not only is it affordable, but you get so much with it.

Phishing emails get past Google and Microsoft’s native filters. ManagedMethods is really good about flagging those emails that are able to get through, identifying if anyone in our domain has interacted with them, and quarantine or delete those emails directly from anyone’s inbox.”

“ManagedMethods provides us with additional visibility, in conjunction with Securly, to watch for student behavior in the school’s Google domain that they shouldn’t be doing. I like the idea of doing what we can to keep our kids safe. If I can prevent one catastrophic thing from happening, then it’s totally worth it to me.”

Michael Tapia

Chief Technology Officer

Clint Independent School District

Neal Richardson


Hillsboro-Deering School District

Wes Rhodes

Network Administrator

Lenoir City Schools

Manage Cybersecurity, Student Safety & CIPA Compliance Risks In Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Zoom & WebEx

Learn how you can gain the visibility and control you need to protect your students, fellow staff, and district finances.

You don't have the time to manually investigate risks and incidents in your district's cloud apps. 

ManagedMethods is an easy-to-use, cost-effective platform that is developed specifically for K-12 school districts. 

Learn why hundreds of district technology leaders love working with ManagedMethods to help keep their students safe, their data private, and their district secure.

Your entire Google Workspace and/or Microsoft 365 environment is scanned and secured within minutes of activation.

  • Identify cyberbullying, self-harm, adult content, threats of violence, and more
  • Secure PII stored in district cloud apps
  • Protection against ransomware, malware & phishing
  • Prevent & detect account takeovers
  • Monitor, audit & automate ransomware protection, data loss prevention, and other cybersecurity risks & safety signals 24/7/365
  • And much more!


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