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Northside ISD, TX
Kettle Moraine School District, WI
Bremerton School District, WA
East Porter School Corp
Northwest Tri-County IU5, PA
Maryville City Schools, TN

Happy School Technology Leaders...

“My ‘Aha!’ moment happened just a few days into becoming a ManagedMethods customer. The platform’s inappropriate content monitor alerted me to a Google Doc that a dozen students were using to chat in. They were being quite clever by typing in white text and constantly changing the file name. Needless to say, the language was very inappropriate. I never would have been able to hunt this down without ManagedMethods.”

“ManagedMethods provides us with additional visibility, in conjunction with Securly, to watch for student behavior in the school’s Google domain that they shouldn’t be doing. I like the idea of doing what we can to keep our kids safe. If I can prevent one catastrophic thing from happening, then it’s totally worth it to me.”

“I was blown away when I saw the demo version at the booth. I was really impressed that that much data could be presented in such a way. And ManagedMethods is so awesome to offer the 30-day trial so I could really get a feel for how it works with our data and what our infrastructure looked like.”

Diana Gill

Director of Technology

East Porter County School Corporation

Wes Rhodes

Network Administrator

Lenoir City Schools

Greg Hogan

Network Data & Security Coordinator

Bibb County School District

Cyber Safety & Security in Google Workspace & Microsoft 365
From any Location. On any Device.

FREE Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 Cyber Safety & Security Product Access

As more students and staff access school Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 accounts remotely, your team needs to remain vigilant to data security risks. Hackers know that district IT teams are distracted and that user accounts are more vulnerable in remote access settings.

Get the visibility and control you need in minutes when you request your free 30-day trial.

ManagedMethods doesn't require any agents, proxies, or extensions. So your entire environment is scanned and secured as within minutes of activation.

  • Secure PII stored in district cloud apps
  • Protection against malware & phishing
  • Prevent & detect account takeovers
  • Identify cyberbullying, self-harm & explicit text & images in Google Workspace & Microsoft 365
  • Monitor, audit & automate data loss prevention and other security risks & safety signals 24/7/365
  • And MUCH more!

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