K-12 Remote Learning
Security Checklist

12 Steps to Securing District Data & Monitoring Student Safety in Remote Learning

Students, faculty, and staff continue to use remote learning tools and resources that were put in place during COVID-19 lockdowns. Today, these resources provide excellent ways to do homework, collaborate with classmates, communicate with teachers, and more at any time, from any location.

However, as this new era of remote/hybrid learning develops, important data security and student safety considerations need to be addressed.

This checklist is created specifically for district IT teams whose districts use Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, and other cloud applications to enable remote and hybrid learning and working.

Make sure your sensitive student, staff, and district data are secured from phishing and account takeover attacks in your new expanded learning environment. Download the K-12 Remote Learning Checklist now to make sure you have your cyber safety & security bases covered for remote/hybrid learning.

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