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Cyber Safety & Security for K-12 School Districts

School districts are storing more and more data in G Suite and Office 365. At the same time, education is ranked dead last in cybersecurity preparedness by multiple reports.

Overwhelmed and underfunded IT departments are under pressure to secure more apps, more endpoints, more access than ever before. Administrators are also under pressure to make student safety—both online and off—a top priority.

Find out how Tim Miles and the Steamboat Springs School District IT team has configured their tech stack to build a cost-effective cyber safety and security infrastructure.

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Meet the Presenters

David Waugh Presenter Profile Pic
David Waugh

Chief Revenue Officer


A father first and a growth leader second, David Waugh sees first-hand how cybersecurity impacts schools, students, families, and communities. David has over 20 years of experience in enterprise software that he now applies to helping K-12 district IT teams. At ManagedMethods, Waugh focuses on building relationships with IT leaders, business partners, and team members to build a more secure digital world for school districts and students. He believes that access to technology directly impacts the next generation’s ability to excel and that it is our responsibility to make that technology safe and secure for positive learning outcomes.

Tim Miles Presenter Profile Pic
Tim Miles

Steamboat Springs School District
Technology Director


Tim Miles is a technology leader with over 20 years of experience in both enterprise and K-12 IT environments. As the Technology Director of both Steamboat Springs and South Routt School Districts, Miles manages over 3,000 endpoints and 8 staff members. He is also personally committed to improving technology access and leadership in his community. Tim Miles serves as the President Elect for the Colorado Association of Leaders in Technology, he is a founding member of North West Colorado Broadband, and a founding member of Microsoft Education Alliance Agreement for the State of Colorado.

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What Our Customers Are Saying...


"ManagedMethods provides us a level of visibility we needed to ensure the security and safety of our students and staff. The solution was quick to deploy and gave us immediate insights."

Region Twelve

"When I first learned about ManagedMethods I was skeptical that such an inexpensive solution would be able to secure our G Suite data better than Cloudlock. However, after our first week using the solution, I was more than convinced. ManagedMethods has been one of the best technology decisions I’ve made this year."


"The addition of ManagedMethods to our IT infrastructure allows me and my team to feel confident about protecting our students and staff when using Google G Suite. The dashboard and alerts provide me real-time info so that I can take immediate action to thwart any threats."

Tim Miles

IT Manager

Steamboat Springs School District

Ed Newman


ESC 12

Steve Bartlett

Technology Director

Bremerton School District

Cloud Application Safety & Security Made Easy

Monitor & Control School District G Suite & Office 365

Data Security

Protect sensitive student & staff data stored in school G Suite & Office 365

Threat Protection

Stop phishing and malware attacks in G Suite & Office 365 email & drives

Monitor & Audit

Automated security & behavior monitoring 24/7/365 with simple reporting

Cyber Safety

Detect self-harm, cyberbullying, threats & inappropriate content signals