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"Shadow" 3rd Party Apps Create Cybersecurity Risks

Find and remove malicious, risky, and inappropriate 3rd party apps from your district's domain.

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IT teams we work with are blown away by the sheer number—any types—of 3rd party apps that have access to their district's data. Even those who thought they had things under control in Google Admin Console.

The explosion of application use since COVID shutdowns is 100% creating data privacy and security risks in your district's environment.


“Cloud Monitor vastly improves visibility into our email and cloud apps. We're able to easily create policies and automate enforcement to help quarantine threats and prevent data loss.”

Andy Lombardo
Technology Director
Maryville City School District

During your free audit, you will get to:
  • See how many apps have access permissions in your Google and/or Microsoft 365 domain
  • Identify apps by type, see who is using them, and set up pre-defined and/or automated sanction/unsanction controls, and more
  • Identify and control other data security risks, such as risky file-sharing practices, and more
  • Triage student safety risks, such as self-harm, cyberbullying, sexual content, and more identified in Gmail, Google Docs, Slides, Chat, Outlook, Word, PDF, JPG, etc.
  • Access our full training and customer support capabilities
  • And so much more!


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We're On A Mission...

At ManagedMethods, we're on a mission to make online learning safe and secure for our communities. We love to hear from district IT teams to learn what we can do to help improve your day-to-day job.

Cloud Monitor makes Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 cloud security, safety, and compliance easy for K-12 schools—no proxy, no agent, no extension, and no special training needed. The platform is built to save district IT admins time and effort by detecting a range of cybersecurity and safety risks and automating incident response.

Cloud Monitor uses API integrations to monitor and control cybersecurity and student safety risks. Because the platform uses APIs, data never leaves your Google or Microsoft domains. We do not collect or store any sensitive student, staff, or district information.

K-12 school districts use Cloud Monitor to help achieve compliance with FERPA, CIPA, and other state and local student data privacy, data security, and cyber safety regulations.