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Don't sit around waiting for a data breach to happen. Secure sensitive student, staff, and school district information today with ManagedMethods.

ManagedMethods makes data loss prevention easy and accessible for K-12 school district IT teams on a tight budget. Gain the visibility and control you need to keep your district's information secure!

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Identify & control your district's Google Workspace and/or Microsoft 365 cybersecurity, file sharing, and student safety risks

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Step 1: Request

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Step 3: Step Away

Cloud Monitor will start analyzing your Google/Microsoft. Your data never leaves your domain

Step 4: Audit Call
Step 4: Audit & Control

We'll schedule a call to walk you through the platform, discuss flagged risks and suggested response, and answer your questions

District Technology Leaders Who Were Once Like You...

Gadsden County Public Schools

“Google Workspace has its own scanning system, but it runs in the background and it’s not reported very well. We couldn’t see our overall status or what was happening in our domain. We definitely couldn’t see any attacks coming in or how our users were acting online. With ManagedMethods, we have a centralized dashboard that shows where attacks are coming from and remediates them quickly. For us, it’s hands-off 99% of the time and doesn’t take many people to run it. It’s definitely worth the investment.”

Bibb County School District

“Honestly, ManagedMethods is a solution that we didn’t realize we needed until we saw it in action. We assumed that the tools in Microsoft were all we had—and all we needed. It was wonderful to see a solution that could come in, take that same data, and make it better and easier to work with. It has freed up a lot of time because most of the reporting is done for you. ManagedMethods does all the heavy lifting to make my job easier, which is great.”

Arbor Park School District 145

ManagedMethods is like having an additional employee on my team. It’s constantly monitoring and doing tasks that we don’t have time to sit there and do all day. It replaces those labor hours and then alerts us when there’s something we need to take a closer look at. I like that I don’t have to work in it every day and it doesn’t take up a lot of my time. It does a lot of the work for me and it just lets me know when it needs me.”

Stephen Gauss

Network Administrator

Gadsden County Public Schools

Greg Hogan

Network Data & Security Coordinator

Bibb County School District

David Termunde


Arbor Park School District 145

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