Your Content Filter
Doesn't Do It All!

All school districts use content filters to protect students, manage classrooms, and comply with federal CIPA standards. But your content filter isn't a catch-all for student safety and data security.

If you're using cloud applications, such as Google for Education, you need tools to allow you to:

  • Prevent sensitive and personally identifiable data breaches
  • Identify messages containing cyberbullying, depression and self-harm, threats of violence, and more
  • Detect images containing inappropriate or explicit content
  • Audit, monitor, and control content and behavior across all G Suite & Office 365 apps

Download this simple Cloud Security and Content Filter comparison guide to understand where your security and compliance gaps may be. You'll also learn how other school districts are using tools, along with their content filter, to keep students safe and sensitive data secure.

Content Filter & Cloud Security
Comparison Guide


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