Your Content Filter Doesn't Do It All!

It's Time To Think Beyond The Content Filter To Keep Your District''s Students Safe And Data Secure

All school districts use content filters to protect students, manage classrooms, and comply with federal CIPA standards. But your content filter isn't a catch-all for student safety and data security.

If you're using cloud applications, such as Google for Education, you need tools to allow you to:

  • Protect against phishing, ransomware, and other malware attacks
  • Detect and remediate account takeovers
  • Identify messages containing cyberbullying, depression and self-harm, threats of violence, and more
  • Detect images containing inappropriate or explicit content
  • Audit, monitor, and control content and behavior across all Google Workspace & Microsoft 365 apps
  • Control unsanctioned 3rd party applications
  • Proactively manage all these items and more with automated remediation 

Download this simple Content Filter Comparison Guide to understand where your security and compliance gaps may be. You'll also learn how other school districts are using tools, along with their content filter, to keep students safe and sensitive data secure.

ManagedMethods Content Filter Comparison Guide - Click to Download PDF