Introducing Content Filter
by ManagedMethods

Welcome to the future of online safety & CIPA compliance for K-12!

Content Filter is a new Chrome-based CIPA content filter that is the perfect solution for schools looking to provide a safe and secure online environment for students.

Schedule a demo today and see how Content Filter will benefit your school. Our team will walk you through the platform's features and benefits, and answer any questions you may have.

Content Filter by ManagedMethods is easy to install and manage, with customizable settings to fit your school's specific needs. Plus, it runs seamlessly in the background, so students can focus on their studies without interruption.

ManagedMethods takes pride in providing excellent customer service and support, so you can feel confident in your decision to choose our filter.

Don't wait to take the necessary steps to ensure your students' safety online and your school's compliance with CIPA regulations.

Request your demo today and see how Content Filter can provide the protection and peace of mind your district needs.

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Safety + Security + Compliance

  • Developed specifically for K-12 schools
  • Integrated with Google Admin console
  • AI-powered student safety monitoring
  • Simple policy violations reporting
  • Identify lost or stolen devices

CIPA Compliance Made Easy & Affordable For Your School District

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Native Google Integration

Implement Content Filter right from your Google Workspace Admin console, plus you get automatic enrollment and updates

Content Filter Product Icons_OUs_White_Content Filter_Content Filter
Customize Policies By OU

Easily customize and apply policies across your Google Workspace domain, and by Organizational Unit (OU) and/or Groups

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Device Tracking & Info

Lost or stolen device? See a devices last known location, account activity, and more. Plus, block the device from accessing Chrome

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Student Safety Signals AI

Industry-leading AI built to run on the browser extension, enabling safety monitoring without disrupting the browsing experience for end users

Trusted Partners in Student Data Privacy & Security

ManagedMethods is dedicated to the privacy & security of your students' data

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